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Ariel Molina ariel at edis.mx
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Simple is good, but getting things simple in the right way is a very hard
thing to do. As an UI expert (postgrad level and working on UI every day) I
understand your rants, but I also understand the UI team.

Thing is that what's "easy" is hard to define, it tends to come and go as
fashion goes. For example, current trend (from several years now) is that
youngsters find "flat" easy and skeumorphic ugly simply because they are
used to see things like that. So the UI team have to balance three things:
ease for hardcore veterans, be appealing and "modern" for the new wave, and
being easy to use. So they try hard, and I wish them the best.

OTOH If development for QtC was at least partially documented I would have
put my grain of salt, as I have done in Qt5. On Qt5 I was mentored by
Gunnar on how to really start hacking into code.

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On Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 9:51 AM, Mike Jackson <imikejackson at gmail.com> wrote:

> <rant>
>   Rule 1: "new" way of doing user interfaces dictates that in no way
> should the UI widgets indicate that they can be clicked, moved or
> interacted with. It is entirely up to the user to simply click all over the
> interface until some hidden menu shows up or something happens.
>   Rule 2: Ensure the contrast of user interface elements, especially text,
> is so light as to alienate anyone with poor eyesight.
>   Rule 3: It is your design. You worked *hard* on it. It should be *hard*
> to use.
> </rant>
> Yes, I'm "old". Yes, I'm angry about the decline in usability of apps in
> general over the last few years. QtCreator, where I spend 95% of my time
> each day, going down in usability does not make me happy and only serves to
> push me somewhere else. I had emailed about the scrollbars on Windows and
> Linux which are so light in contrast they are very difficult to figure out
> where the "handle" is at.
> --
> Mike Jackson  [mike.jackson at bluequartz.net]
> Jason H wrote:
>> What about the attached UI says that you can right click on  Build&  Run?
>> It just looks like bold text.
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