[Qt-creator] Build AND deploy shared library

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 11 16:59:52 CET 2016

I'm using Creator 4.0.3.  I'm building a Qt plug-in for my application 
(separate project), and I want to "deploy" the resulting shared library into a 
specific location where my main application will be looking for those plug-ins.

I admit right up front, I'm fairly unknowledgeable about using qmake's INSTALL 
option.  I've been using the DESTDIR option to direct the output to the 
correct location, but that directs /all/ build files, not just the resulting 
shared library file.  I only want the shared library file to be deployed to 
the target location.

I've tried adding an INSTALL target to the plug-in's project .pro file, but I 
don't see a way within Qt Creator to execute that target (ideally, it would 
automatically execute after the build).  I also see the "Deployment" section 
under "Run", but my INSTALL target is not listed there, and I'm not sure how 
to set that up.

Can somebody give me some pointers to having (only) my shared library plug-in 
file deployed to a target location automatically following a successful build 
within Qt Creator?

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