[Qt-creator] Build AND deploy shared library

Bob Hood bhood2 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 11 21:07:39 CET 2016

Ok, I solved this by using the Windows-only *DLLDESTDIR* qmake setting in the 
project file.  This places /just/the DLL files into the target location and it 
happens automatically at the end of the build, which is exactly what I was 
looking for.  It only works for Windows, but that's my current deployment 
platform, so I'll deal with other operating systems if/as I portto them.

Nice talking with you, Andrzej.  :)

On 12/11/2016 8:59 AM, Bob Hood wrote:
> I'm using Creator 4.0.3.  I'm building a Qt plug-in for my application 
> (separate project), and I want to "deploy" the resulting shared library into 
> a specific location where my main application will be looking for those 
> plug-ins.
> I admit right up front, I'm fairly unknowledgeable about using qmake's 
> INSTALL option.  I've been using the DESTDIR option to direct the output to 
> the correct location, but that directs /all/build files, not just the 
> resulting shared library file.  I only want the shared library file to be 
> deployed to the target location.
> I've tried adding an INSTALL target to the plug-in's project .pro file, but 
> I don't see a way within Qt Creator to execute that target (ideally, it 
> would automatically execute after the build).  I also see the "Deployment" 
> section under "Run", but my INSTALL target is not listed there, and I'm not 
> sure how to set that up.
> Can somebody give me some pointers to having (only) my shared library 
> plug-in file deployed to a target location automatically following a 
> successful build within Qt Creator?

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