[Qt-creator] Build QT Creator with debug symbols

Ion Ostafi ion.ostafi at yopeso.com
Thu Feb 4 15:07:32 CET 2016

     I am working on a QT Creator plugin and I am trying to build my 
plugin in Debug, but I have an error:
library not found for -lCore_debug. Consulting the output of the make in 
terminal , I found that this library is needed in the following path 
-L../qt-creator-build/bin/Qt\ Creator.app/Contents/PlugIns -lCore_debug.
It is not there, and I suppose that it is because I have built QT 
Creator in release mode. Trying to build Creator in Debug mode, the 
QTCreator itself is broken. How can I build creator in debug mode? or 
How can I build my plugin in debug mode ?

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