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2016-02-25 23:26 GMT+10:00 Orgad Shaneh <orgads at gmail.com>:

> See http://blog.qt.io/blog/2016/02/22/qt-roadmap-for-2016/

Improved CMake support? What about scope of this improvements? Currently I
see, that two of the four features that I support at the
CMakeProjectManager2 (fork on github) already implemented:
1) Handling Kit compiler. But only C++, not C or other. But it simple
configurable at the Kit configuration page now.
2) Pointing Build Type to the CMake

Next features I need, but it will be nevenr implement:
1) Good management for the CMake toolchain files. Upstream changes so
fundamental, but I already port this changes to the new codebase. But
pointing compiler via CMAKE_CXX_COMPILER, not via CXX/CC evn variables
breaks toolchain files. I solve it via forgoting Kit configuration in case,
when user select Toolchain file.
2) Adding files via context menu and show all files in source Tree: it
allows to add new file to the target directory, see it and after simple add
to the needed target at the CMakeLists.txt

New changes, that likes me:
1) Integrated CMake dialog to the Project page and transparency CMake
2) Table editor for the CMake options. Small qestion according this
improvement: will be added some set of known options and ability to select
it via integrated combo box? will be editor delegates according to the
option type added, like: if option type is a PATH use File Open dialog?

So, roadmap for the CMake Project Manager plugin is interesting.

WBR, Alexander Drozdov
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