[Qt-creator] Small feature requests

Jason H jhihn at gmx.com
Mon Jan 11 23:07:34 CET 2016

> So you think this should be moved? I never looked for this functionality in the
> menus since I always use the keyboard shortcut.

It could be because I use various platforms. Linux at home, OSX at work, and a former Windows user, sometimes the key combos don't map 100%. I use Karabiner on OSX to get a handle on it and use a more PC-like mapping.

> > 2. Once at the Find panel, the search results could be made a lot better with
> > a few tweaks:
> > In the result header:
> > - [Search Again] should be called "Repeat Search",
> I think that makes sense. Eike, Leena: What is your take on this?
> > - Add another button "New search" that takes you to the new Search panel (as
> > opposed to selecting it from the "History:" Combo, which is not intuitive. 
> I have no opinion here. I was not even aware that you could trigger a new search
> from the history dropdown. Keyboard shortcut user...

My point exactly!

> > - Add a checkbox "Expand Results" that if previously checked or on check,
> > expands the results. If not checked or unchecked, collapses the results.
> That is what the little folder icon in the top bar does (The one left of
> "History:"). Is that what you are asking for?

Oh yeah. That's it. Not a very good icon. I didn't know what to think. File system search? Save this search? I think a + or - would be more apropos.

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