[Qt-creator] How to keep ".." in default build directory

Prav pr12og2 at programist.ru
Wed Jun 8 15:28:37 CEST 2016

> If you're saying "But unfortunately QtC replaces ".." with full folder
> name", do you mean it get replaced in the build directory in the 
> project's Build settings (not in the line edit "default build directory"
> in the options)?
You right. I mean it is replaced in project settings.
I did not even thought that this can be understood as changes in the Options line itself (where is not clear what should replace "..")

> Why would that be a problem?
Because if I move project to another folder I need to change build folders for all Qt versions and build-types in project settings
(which currently mean 12 string replacements).

It is so strange for me that QtC supports relative folders buts does not allow me to use them and
forces me to use full folders names.

Probably someone will say that he/she likes absolute build-folder name and it is fine for him/her ...
but why it is imposible to turn this folders absolutization off, if not needed/useless/unconfortable?

I would say it would be nice if this can be done with some flag in options
at least special treatment of string ...
for example if I set " in both sides of string ... like:

would mean that in project setting I would get something like

and not

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