[Qt-creator] Problems with single file builds in Qbs

Epting, Thomas thomas.epting at stryker.com
Thu Jun 16 17:04:59 CEST 2016

Hi all,

We're running into troubles with single file builds in Qbs projects. Consider this use case: You want to compile a single file of the project, even though some else files still have compilation problems. This situation arises e.g. after a refactoring where many files got touched and you want to address the findings file-by-file.

Now if you select "Build" from context menu for one of these files, you're always getting "Installation error: Could not copy ..." from Qbs.

Unchecking "Install" from Build Steps | Qbs | Flags (command line option: --no-install) solves the problem, but that's annoying since later you have to think of checking this flag again to get back automatic installation of files.

Any clue?

QtCreator version is 4.0.2 on Windows 7

Thank you,

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