[Qt-creator] Autocompletion of 0.0 to 0->0 in QtCreator 4.x series

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Wed Jun 22 17:59:25 CEST 2016

> At what point is the bug that autocompletes 0.0 to 0->0 going to be
> fixed? Just curious? Those of us writing scientific codes where we
> initialize our floats/doubles to actual values are really effected by
> this bug.

What version(s) are you seeing this in? I'm using Qt Creator 4.0.0,
based on 5.6.0 on Windows and I don't see the behavior you're describing.
If I type "0." the period stays a period, and then I can type the next 0 and
still get "0.0".


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