[Qt-creator] Running linguist from external tools with arguments (Ts-Files)?

Matthias Ballreich Matthias.Ballreich at outlook.de
Thu Nov 10 11:37:54 CET 2016

Hi Julien,

thanks for the answer, but this did not work. When I run the command, Linguist says there is no "*.ts" file.
Did I anything wrong? Works this code when you try it by yourself?


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Betreff: [Qt-creator] Running linguist from external tools with arguments (Ts-Files)?

Hello Matthias,

One solution could be

Executable: %{CurrentProject:QT_INSTALL_BINS}/linguist

Arguments: %{CurrentProject:Path}/*.ts

Working Directory: %{CurrentProject:Path}

and in your .pro

    $${TARGET}_en_US.ts \

But I think this solution only works if the translations are generated where your .pro file is and you manage translations the same in all your projects.


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