[Qt-creator] "org.qtproject.example.myapp died" when running Android app

Vikas Pachdha vikas.pachdha at qt.io
Fri Nov 11 10:13:28 CET 2016

Hi Nikos,

Can you confirm you Android GDB server path? (Preferences -> Build & Run -> Kits -> select your android kit)

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On 11/11/16 03:16, "Qt-creator on behalf of Nikos Chantziaras" <qt-creator-bounces+vikas.pachdha=qt.io at qt-project.org on behalf of realnc at gmail.com> wrote:

    Alright, I install r10e, deleted r13b (to make sure Creator doesn't 
    somehow end up using it), and pointed Creator to the new NDK. Cleaned 
    the build (did "rm -rf" in the build directory to make extra sure), and 
    I recompiled the project.
    Sadly, the problem is still there :-(
    On 11/11/2016 03:43 AM, Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
    > I'm on r13b.
    > I'll try and downgrade to r10e and see what happens. Naturally, I just
    > assumed having the latest version would be best :-P
    > On 11/11/2016 03:38 AM, Alexandre Pretyman wrote:
    >> Hi Nikos,
    >> Can you define the versions on "The Android SDK and NDK are also the
    >> latest versions."?
    >> Because at http://wiki.qt.io/Android it says:
    >> "Note that NDK r11 and r12 are known to have issues"
    >> I'm using r10e and everything has been positive so far.
    >> Alex
    >> On 10 November 2016 at 19:29, Nikos Chantziaras <realnc at gmail.com
    >> <mailto:realnc at gmail.com>> wrote:
    >>     I have a problem when running my app on the android emulator. After
    >>     a few seconds (usually between 5 and 10 seconds or so), this is
    >>     printed on the "application output" panel:
    >>       "org.qtproject.example.myapp" died
    >>     And after that, I can't see the output of my application anymore, so
    >>     all qDebug() output is lost :-/
    >>     The application itself has not died. It's still running fine on the
    >>     emulator.
    >>     I'm on Linux 64-bit with the latest version of Qt Creator (4.1.0)
    >>     which was installed with the Qt online installer (everything is up
    >>     to date through MaintenanceTool.) The Android SDK and NDK are also
    >>     the latest versions.
    >>     Also, this happens with all ABIs and API levels.
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