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Sat Sep 24 06:31:35 CEST 2016

I'm a C++ programmer and used QtCreator to write some simple programs. I think QtCreator compact but powerful. However, like most IDEs, it can't visualize the dependencies in code using graphs. 

In order to solve that problem, I tried to write a plugin for QtCreator to visualize code as a map. However, I gave up this idea finally because it takes too much time to analysis the whole project. Then I wrote a plug-in for Sublime Text using APIs of an code static analysis tool called Understand. The plug-in has following feature:

(1) show call graph/class hierarchy/variable dependency graph
(2) navigate code with the help of a graph using Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right in code editor
(3) save and load part of call graph you like
(4) write comments on call graph

I tried my plug-in for a few months and find it really useful for reading code, and it's UI interaction are convenient enough to navigate code quickly. I hope QtCreator can adopt some of these features. All it need is to record the result of find reference/definition/declaration and show them as a graph in viewport. There is no need to build a global code database in advance. So I think adding these features to QtCreator is possible and worthy. Sincerely, I hope these features can help to improve QtCreator and help more programmers.

Here is my plug-in's video:

Here is source code:
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