[Qt-creator] RubyCreator upstream or not upstream

Hugo Parente Lima hugo.pl at gmail.com
Sat Apr 8 01:44:46 CEST 2017

Hi QtC devs.

I'm a C++ developer that 3 years ago started a job with Ruby/Web, so to 
not loss my C++ skills and to continue to use the IDE I love I started 
RubyCreator, a plugin to QtC that add support to Ruby on QtC.

I use it on my daily work since then and add features when I have time 
and motivation to do so, Orgad Shaneh help me with patches adapting my 
plugin to the frequent QtC API changes (since I usually only catch 
these changes when ArchLinux updates QtC), so he also gave me the 
suggestion to try to push my plugin upstream, this would:

- Reduce the headaches of adapt my code to the frequent QtC API changes.
- Solve the problem of windows/mac compilation/distribution.
- Have more users :-), some friends of mine use mac and refuse to waste 
time compiling things.

Ok, so I ask you guys if the QtC devs have some interest in accept this 
plugin upstream, if so, some things need to be adjusted beforehand.

- Convert file naming code style to QtC one.
- Convert general code style to QtC one (I think it's already done).
- Review all the code before let it merged (of course), since I 
probably missused some QtC API.

If there is not interest, I'm fine too, and I'll just keep the 
development as it is now.

Here is more info about the plugin:

Outdated webpage: http://hugopl.github.io/RubyCreator/
Github project: https://github.com/hugopl/RubyCreator


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