[Qt-creator] Crash Qt-creator when stop debugging with bare-metal on Windows

Andre Poenitz Andre.Poenitz at qt.io
Thu Aug 17 10:20:19 CEST 2017

 Marcel <r00tc0d3 at mienstee.nl> wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I filed a bug-18694<https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTCREATORBUG-18694> 

I saw it, thanks, let's continue there.

> because qt-creator crashes when I stop debugging using a bare-metal device.
> What happens is that in void GdbEngine::interruptInferior() m_signalOperation 
> becomes a null pointer.

The problem is that this code path should not have been taken for BareMetal

I'll have a look.


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