[Qt-creator] [HEADS UP] please clean up your "in progress" jira tasks

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at qt.io
Fri Feb 10 14:07:06 CET 2017


running the query
produces an astonishing number of tasks. i suspect in most cases the
assignee just failed to close the task after integration, while in some
cases the task was in reality deferred, and yet in other cases it was
more of an "intent to start work" in the first place.

so please go through your tasks and those of the components you feel
responsible for and check their status.
when you mark tasks as done, don't forget to set the "changes" and
"fixed in" fields.

on a somewhat related note, it makes sense to re-triage old tasks from
time to time to weed out stuff that got fixed "asynchronously". a task
for slow friday afternoons. ^^

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