[Qt-creator] CMake Server Integration Feedback

Mike Jackson imikejackson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 18:12:48 CET 2017

Just pulled the latest QtCreator 4.3 beta build and installed CMake 
3.7.1 on my macOS 10.10.5 machine. First impressions are this is really 
cool. I more or less like the new layout that QtCreator presents. I do 
have some questions/feedback that could probably be fixed by our project 
updating some of our cmake code.

See attached image.

A lot of our "sub projects" do not list a <Source Directory> but all of 
the source codes listed under <Other Locations>. What cmake variable is 
QtCreator keying off of? I would be happy to make sure the proper 
variable is setup. At some point in the past we moved away from using 
the CMake "Project" command in all the sub-directories to help fix 
something else (Maybe Xcode or Creator or Visual Studio generation).

The top level project listed is not really the top level project at all. 
It is some sub-project where the CMake code probably uses the "Project" 
command. Is there a way to indicate to QtCreator that the _first_ 
"Project" command that is found is used as the top level project?

Is there a way to cut down on the number of embedded folders that are 
shown (/Users/mjackson/Workspace/DREAM3D_Plugins/$PLUGIN_NAME in my 
example) by setting some sort of PROJECT_ROOT_DIR cmake variable? That 
might be nice to have.

Again, this is looking really awesome for CMake & QtCreator integration. 
CMake really feels like a first class citizen in QtCreator.

Mike Jackson  [mike.jackson at bluequartz.net]
BlueQuartz Software, LLC.
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