[Qt-creator] shortcuts unreliable on OS X

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Fri May 12 13:30:33 CEST 2017

Hi all,

I’ve been using Creator for a few years now, mostly on a Mac, but since at least Qt 5.5 some keyboard shortcuts are unreliable or completely broken.

For example, if I bind ctrl+backspace to delete with camelCase it never works.  Binding another key to the same function does work.

Increasing font size with Command+<plus> also tends to work for a while and then stop.  Two-stroke sequences beginning with ctrl-x fall into this category, too.

Googling shows that there was a related regressing in the 5.5 series, but even the latest version of Creator has the problem.

Like probably most developers I have various apps installed that grab keystrokes globally, remap keys, etc.  But Creator is the only app which shows this kind of problem.  The same keystrokes work fine elsewhere.

I’m using the latest OS X now, but the problem has existed for at least 1-2 revisions back, unchanged.

I’m using a Japanese keyboard and input method.  But again, other software is ok.

Any suggestions?  This is driving me crazy and affecting my productivity.. :(



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