[Qt-creator] Question about "kate/ktexteditor" highlighting implementation in QtCreator

Dr.-Ing. Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Mon Aug 13 00:21:13 CEST 2018


at the moment, the KTextEditor team ports away from its old syntax highlighting
engine (which was reimplemented some years ago in QtCreator) to the new
KSyntaxHighlighting framework (a Qt only KF5 framework).


After this is done, we will do some incompatible changes to the xml files (that
are reused by QtCreator at the moment).

I know that in the past there was no chance to reuse the KTextEditor/Kate implementation
due to licensing/dependencies issues.

Would it be possible to reuse the framework above to stay compatible and share code/maintenance

At the moment the framework is LGPLv2+, but even relicensing to something
more liberal is at the moment still possible, if that would allow better collaboration.


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