[Qt-creator] clangbackend slow code completion

Steve Atkins steve at blighty.com
Wed Feb 14 18:25:28 CET 2018

> On Feb 14, 2018, at 5:00 AM, Guenter Schwann <guenterlists at schwann.at> wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 14. Februar 2018 13:47:51 CET Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
>> 14.02.2018, 03:04, "Steve Atkins" <steve at blighty.com>:
>>>> On Feb 13, 2018, at 4:00 PM, Nikos Chantziaras <realnc at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> If you have the "clang-tidy" checks enabled, disable them, or only use 1
>>>> or 2 of them. That feature is extremely slow.> 
>>> That fixes it, thanks. Bit of a shame, as they were rather a nice feature.
>> There are 2 approaches to this problem:
>> * use faster CPU
>> * make clang-tidy itself faster
> Or
> * run clang-tidy/clazy "outside" of the code-model in a separate step in 
> QtCreator?
> * run clang-tidy/clazy only when triggered (menu entry - like the for example 
> the clang power tools in VS)

Yes, something like that seems the only way clang-tidy + Creator will be usable,
unless clang-tidy gets at least an order of magnitude faster or 30GHz processors
hit the market.

Asynchronous code checks would be a killer feature.

(I'd assumed that was the way it would be implemented - that clang tidy
checks wouldn't be related to basic completion - otherwise I'd have thought
to try turning them off to fix completion).

> Btw. - it would be nice if the QtCreator clang-tidy plugin would (optionally) 
> make use of a .clang-tidy config file (to share it with clang power tools for 
> example).

Yes, and that'd let you be more selective with which checks to enable


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