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Ok, Good suggestion. I went back and for the QtC 4.6 test the Clang code model was turned off. So I went back and tried again. The Syntax highlighting took about 5 seconds for the particular file that I am using as my benchmark. More Importantly the drop down was populated with the methods of the class in about 2 seconds which is reasonable. At least I can start navigating quickly. By the time I find the method I am interested in, the syntax highlighting is kicking in. With QtC 4.7 it is a different story. The function drop down appears at the same time as I get the highlighting which is about 10 seconds based on my screen captures. Of course I also get the full syntax highlighting at that point also BUT not I have to wait that entire time. I guess I would rather have the function drop down get populated first, then the syntax highlighting/code completion if that takes longer? Of course I could argue it both ways. I got used to the way that Qt4.5 and 4.6 did it so now having to wait breaks the cadence of opening a file and getting right to work on it.


My system is macOS 10.13.x on a 2013 15” MacBook Pro. I sure hope that Xcode’s libClang is not getting in the way. I would hope that the one from QtC is used. Not sure how I would check that.


I can do some side by side screen recordings showing the differences on my system anyone is interested. 



Mike Jackson


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If the initial parsing time is absolutely crucial for you you can turn ClangCodeModel plugin off (it's turned on be default since 4.7). ClangCodeModel provides more precise results but takes longer to parse files. We did some work to make it faster but the most recent part of it was mostly about code completion.

Also it's important that you use our prebuilt libclang shipped with Qt Creator installer but not the one in your system because it might provide the slowdown.


Hope that my answer helps you

Kind regards

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    Just wanted to throw some feedback while I use the 4.7 Betas and RCs on my macOS systems. For the most part I like what I am seeing but there currently is an issue that is really starting to get in the way. The speed at which a C++ file is parsed so that all the syntax highlighting and coloring becomes available is taking way too long. With QtCreator 4.5 and 4.6 I would open a file and only a second at most would pass and the method drop downs would be populated and I could start navigating. With the 4.7 series (latest I pulled was from July 4th) it takes 10 seconds to get the syntax highlighting and navigating. (I did a side-by-side comparison with a screen recording to verify the times).
    I know that QtCreator is still in the RC mode and still being developed but that wait times are making navigating a real issue. My question: Are there still optimizations still being worked on for the final release? I know from a previous post that the code model and clang-tidy were thrown onto separate threads for good reasons but something else is happening to slow down that initial parse/navigation stage.

  Again, thank you for the wonderful IDE that I use and rely on every day. I don't think I could develop C++ codes on macOS without it.

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