[Qt-creator] QString "not accessible" in Creator 4.6.2?

Michael Jackson mike.jackson at bluequartz.net
Fri Jul 6 14:08:26 CEST 2018

I also just happened to setup QtCreator 4.6.2 and I had the same issue. Latest VS2017 release running on Windows 10 x64.
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´╗┐On 7/5/18, 6:49 PM, "Qt-creator on behalf of Bob Hood" <qt-creator-bounces+mike.jackson=bluequartz.net at qt-project.org on behalf of bhood2 at comcast.net> wrote:

    I have installed Creator 4.6.2 (normally, I use 4.0.3) and have started a new 
    project with it.  Prior to installing it, I already had Visual Studio 2017 
    15.4.7 installed, along with Windows SDK v10.1.17134.12 with "Debugging Tools 
    for Windows".  Creator 4.6.2 automatically found the debugging tools, and I 
    reconfigured my Kits accordingly for use with Qt 5.9.4 Desktop (which I built 
    myself using Visual Studio 2017, so they are ABI compatible).
    I'm debugging into my Qt application, and I'm getting "not accessible" the 
    Locals pane for QString and QStringList.  Was there some further set-up I 
    needed to perform?  I don't recall having this issue with 4.0.3.
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