[Qt-creator] How to put custom build steps into Git?

Murphy, Sean smurphy at walbro.com
Fri Jul 6 16:48:16 CEST 2018

> That is something that should be done by the build system IMHO

Can you expand on this part? By build system, I assume you mean qmake?
If that's what you meant, I'm all for doing it that way as well, how would I 
go about adding what I'm looking for into the .pro file?  

Basically, in our current setup, we're all using qmake as the build system, 
so if there's a solution that works via qmake variables, I'm totally fine with 
that too, I just haven't found them yet if they exist. If it matters, we're 
currently targeting Windows (using mingw compiler) and Mac desktops, 
but have plans for Android and iOS down the road, so I'd like to have this 
be something that is set up once, and then each developer gets it for free 
when they clone the Git repo.

As it stands right now, each developer has to manually set these up. Hell, 
I even have to manually set it up if I clone my repository on my own 
machine. I usually have our release branch checked out in one directory, 
and then I clone from there into other directories to create feature 
branches. So on that cloned repo, I've temporarily lost those build settings 
until I manually re-add them to that cloned directory's .pro.user file, 
either by manually copying the previous .pro.user file over, or by using 
the Projects pane in Qt Creator to add the steps back in.

I'm also totally open to being told my approach is just completely wrong, 
as long as someone has a better approach!


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