[Qt-creator] What's the recommended way to update Android Templates

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Mon Nov 5 21:13:11 CET 2018

Creating Android Templatesit seems, they depend from QtC Version:

per ex QtC 4.7.2 uses Gradle 3.2.0,

QtC 4.7.1 uses Gradle 2.2.3 and some older projects I have are using
Gradle 1.1.0

I created Templates in Qt 5.12 with Creator 4.7.2 and they are also
working in Qt.5.11.2 and Creator 4.7.1
so it seems you can use the newest one on older Qt/QtC versions ?

But HowTo deal with Template-Updates ?

always using the newest one ?

and what about the Android Manifest ? Create Templates and overwrite (to
see what Qt has changed) and re-enter your changes ?

didn’t found any documentation on this

thx for any hints


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