[Qt-creator] Custom clang-format binary in 4.9

Ivan Donchevskii ivan.donchevskii at qt.io
Thu Apr 4 09:22:19 CEST 2019


Currently libformat is statically linked into the ClangFormat plugin because we require a custom patch for it.
In theory we can make our stuff work through the clang-format binary like it's done in Beautifier but the indentation won't work properly with different binary (for example the system one) and may cause even more confusion. So it does not worth the effort for now.
If we are somehow able to upstream our patch (for example to be a part of some different executable like clang-format-ide or whatever) then the solution with the binary may become more relevant.


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Hi there,

with the new ClangFormat plugin in 4.9, is there any way to set a custom clang-format binary? If not, is it planned to implement that?

I know the old beautifier plugin still exists which can use a custom binary, but this one doesn't use the projects' .clang-format file.


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