[Qt-creator] re Help on Building QtCreator on Redhat 6.7

Eike Ziller Eike.Ziller at qt.io
Fri Apr 12 09:19:59 CEST 2019

> On 11. Apr 2019, at 18:11, robert somerville <rbrt.somerville at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi: I have been away from QtCreator for 3 years ,and am badly out of date in my knowledge
> can somebody point out the best source of knowledge on building QtCreator on RedHat 6.7, such as what version is optimal, and the best procedures for building it ? 

Max version / Max effort:

- The latest Qt version that you can use on RHEL 6 is Qt 5.11. But note that the prebuilt binaries require RHEL 7, so you’d need to build that yourself.
- Qt Creator 4.8 (and 4.9) supports building with Qt 5.9.
- Qt Creator 4.8 and later requires GCC 5.3, so you need at least devtoolset-4-toolchain installed and set up for the build
- For the Clang-based C++ code model you’d need to build llvm+clang yourself too, we only have prebuilt versions for RHEL 7. It is not _required_, but the built-in model does not support modern C++ too well, and does not provide many convenience features (like on-the-fly-while-editing diagnostics)

Prebuilt Qt / opt self-built LLVM:

- The latest prebuilt Qt version that supports RHEL 6 is Qt 5.6.
- The latest Qt Creator that you can build against that is Qt Creator 4.6.
- Qt Creator 4.6 requires at least GCC 4.9, so you need at least devtoolset-3
- For the Clang-based C++ code model you’d need to build llvm+clang yourself, otherwise you can still use the built-in model.

Prebuilt Qt / Prebuilt LLVM:

- Qt 5.6 prebuilt
- Qt Creator 4.5
- devtoolset-3 or later for GCC 4.9 or later
- Prebuilt libclang 3.9 from http://download.qt.io/development_releases/prebuilt/libclang/

All prebuilt:

- Latest prebuilt Qt Creator version that runs on RHEL 6 is Qt Creator 4.2.0

> Is there any pre-built versions of QtCreator that will still run on RedHat 6.7 ???

No. The prebuilt binaries require at least RHEL 7 (since Qt Creator 4.2.1).

> Thanks for your patience in getting me (re-)started in the QtCreator world/environment ..

Welcome back and good luck ;)

Br, Eike

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