[Qt-creator] Custom wizard vs qmake's wizards

Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Mon Apr 29 08:01:45 CEST 2019

Hi there,

I was looking at the new custom wizards thing (QtC master), and i saw
that there's provision for build system selection, looks good.

I would like to investigate how to add this thing for Qbs, along with
add Application/Library/Plugin. I'm not after anything fancy, the idea
is that i should be able to bootstrap a project without having to
write the initial (almost empty) qbs files.
As well i'm not planning to address corner cases, and other "battery included".

Adding a qbs subdir to the "New project" wizard is easy with custom
wizard, but i can't make my head around how to hook on the
project/subproject context menu/command.

As well could someone clarify the mechanism behind the (greyed out for
abs) context menu entries of a "Project" qbs item in the project
explorer? ("New subproject", "Add library").

If I register a new "Qbs.AddLibrary" action, i end up with duplicates
in the context menu (qmake disabled, and qbs enabled), if instead if
fetch the "Qt4.AddLibrary" and enable it, i get the (qmake) "Add
library wizard", but when i go till the end of the wizard i get qmake
stuff added to my qbs project file ... (that was funny, i expected a
crash or something :))

Qmake project manager install it's own wizards using
IWizardFactory::registerFactoryCreator, is this the only way to go?
Any reason why there's no templates/wizards/projects/subdirproject templates?


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