[Qt-creator] Fwd: [Development] Qt 5.14.0 and Qt Creator 4.11.0 released

Nikolai Kosjar Nikolai.Kosjar at qt.io
Thu Dec 19 12:57:14 CET 2019


Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't available until recently.

On 12/13/19 12:36 AM, Oleg Shalnev wrote:
> 1) Where is custom clang-tidy check rules.
> image.png

Custom diagnostic configurations for clang-tidy and clazy were moved to 
the Analyzer (ClangTools plugin). See Menu: Tools > Options > Analyzer > 
Clang Tools.

While clang-tidy and clazy diagnostics are not displayed anymore in the 
editor as annotations, you can start the analyzer for the current file now.

For more information and discussion, see


> 2) clang code model works completely wrong. Don't find simple things.
> image.png

This regression is tracked by


and the change


is supposed to fix this. Once this is submitted, please verify with new 
snapshots that will be available at


> 3) After turning clang code mode off code highlights wrong too
> image.png

The old code model can't parse "[[nodiscard]]", I assume it's the same 
with Qt Creator 4.10.

> 4) no way to set clang+ccache kit. QtCreator forget settings back to gcc 
> after reload.
Can't say anything regarding this one. Did you create a bug report for it?


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