[Qt-creator] Problem with clang code model when cross-compiling with clang

Nikolai Kosjar Nikolai.Kosjar at qt.io
Wed Jul 3 14:18:42 CEST 2019

On 6/28/19 1:42 AM, Christian Gagneraud wrote:
> Hi there,
> QtCreator v4.9.1, from online installer.
> x86_64 Ubuntu 18.04
> clang-8 from https://apt.llvm.org
> target: armv7a-custom-linux (g++-5.3.0)
> As an experiment, i'm currently cross-compiling our project with clang-8.
> Since then, the clang-code model is broken.
> I've noticed these asserts and error messages:
> "The command \"/usr/bin/clang++-8\" terminated with exit code 1."

I'm adding some logging category that will provide more details for this 


 > ...
> And Finally:
> Parsing /current/source/file/in/editor.cpp failed: CXError_Failure
> Reparsing /current/source/file/in/editor.cpp failed: 3

The command line that we pass on to libclang might be totally broken. 
Please run Qt Creator within an environment containing


to show the command line here.


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