[Qt-creator] Qt for Python / deploy to Remote Linux Target

Pablo Rogina pablojr at gmail.com
Thu May 16 19:40:36 CEST 2019


I've been trying to use Qt Creator to write a Qt for Python
application in my PC machine, but I want to deploy and run it to a
Raspberry Pi (the device has Arch Linux ARM 32 bit, with Pyside2
packages installed there).

So far I've tried 2 things:
1. created a Python project in Qt Creator but I'm not currently able
to get the list of files to deploy populated. I used a .pro file with
INSTALLS variable but it didn't work either
2. created a Generic project, and used the QCreatorDeployment.txt.
Here I removed all the steps in the Build Settings

In both cases, in the Run Settings I used a Custom Executable (remote
device) where I used python as the remote executable and the name of
the initial Python script (i.e. main.py) as command line arguments. I
also enabled the Forward to local display option. And something
annoying in both cases is that I created a kit with the generic Linux
device but removed the compiler settings and it's showing an
exclamation sign icon.

Only with case #2 I was able to get the app running in the remote
device displaying in my local PC.

Could it be possible to just create a Python project, and pick the
remote Linux device while having the list of files to deploy


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