[Qt-creator] Can't debug on Mojave with QT Creator 4.9.1

Simon Gornall simon.gornall at mac.com
Fri May 31 00:12:48 CEST 2019

I can't seem to get the debugger to start on my Mac, installed using the Mac installer (open source version), when I do click on Debug, it launches a terminal window, which then contains:

Last login: Thu May 30 12:46:31 on ttys019
source /var/folders/ll/jqpkccpn1m91qf41447mdlyh0000gn/T/tmpXAK2Pt
simon% source /var/folders/ll/jqpkccpn1m91qf41447mdlyh0000gn/T/tmpXAK2Pt
Badly placed ()'s.
If I edit that script (/var/folders/...) it seems to be a bash script, and my shell is set to /bin/tcsh (for a variety of reasons). Is there some place I can set my shell variant in QT Creator, and have Qt Creator write out something my shell will accept ?

I already tried

exec'ing /bin/bash before launching QT Creator from the commandline
setting the environment SHELL variable to /bin/bash
launching the last line in the script (which seems to be what is actually necessary) from the terminal window.
... but no joy. Any other ideas ?

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