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Christian Gagneraud chgans at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 02:01:44 CET 2020

I received this weird email as an answer to my previous post. Apparently
sent via the ML.
Not sure if other received it.

See raw original email attached.

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Hello Christian,
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Christian Gagneraud wrote:

Hi there,

Just updated to 4.11, and with a CMake project, i've noticed (what is
for me) regressions in the project explorer.
1. path to subdirectories are shown using backslash, which looks
really ugly on Linux
2. this sub-dir path contains nested directory that you need to expand
one by one, so there's now one extra node to expand (the path node)
3. now there are 'Header files' and 'Source files' sub nodes, that's
yet another nesting level that need to be expanded.
4. sometimes, there's nested duplicated sub-nodes, see attachment
5. All of the above seem to be random, on my project i have all of the
above but not always

The above seems to be related to the introduction of 'CodeBlocks' generator?

Is this a known issue? Anyone else having these issues? Am I the only
one to think that this is a bad UX regression?

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