[Qt-creator] New Qt Creator plugin: Cheat.sh

Mikhail Bryukhovets push.uni at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 17:52:47 CET 2020

Hello everyone.

I want to announce a new plugin for Qt Creator: CheatSh.

This plugin provides convenient access to cheat.sh repository.

Cheat.sh is a community-driven cheat sheets repository for programming 
languages, databases, Linux tools and commands. It also searches 
StackOverflow. It is fair to say that number of cheat sheets for 
Qt-related topics (C++, Qt, QML) is very small, so most of these results 
will be from StackOverflow. Some of them good, some not, but usually it 
is faster to search with a plugin then switch to a browser.

You can find examples and more information on the plugin page 
(https://github.com/pozemka/cheatsh-qtcreator) or Cheat.sh page 

Plugin is available for Linux and Windows for Qt Creator 4.8-4.11 from 
releases page (https://github.com/pozemka/cheatsh-qtcreator/releases)

Also, if anyone can confirm my findings: It seems that OpenSSL library 
(which is required for Qt to work with HTTPS) is broken in Qt Creator 
4.9.x for Windows.
All my test installs were reporting no SSL support only on 4.9 and were 
fine on 4.8, 4.10 and 4.11.
Or did I miss something and SSL should work?
It is also looks like SSL library was changed from ssleay32 to 
libssl-1_1 from 4.10.


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