[Qt-creator] Support for C++11 and CMake

Cornelis Bockemühl cornelis at bockemuehl.ch
Mon Jan 20 07:31:43 CET 2020

Since I updated to version 4.11, the editor in QtCreator constantly gives me syntax warnings about features that are from C++11, telling me that they are not compatible with C++98. Well yes, I know that, and also the compiler knows it (compiler from Visual Studio 2015 on Windows 10, however MS is numbering it...), so no real errors, but a flood of annoying warnings!

Of course I could turn all this syntax checking off, but I learned before that it can be useful - but certainly not if most of the messages are false alarm.

Maybe there would be a way to tell QtCreator that I am using C++11 indeed, but neither writing it into the CMakeLists.txt did help, nor did I find a location in the "kit" settings where I could do it, so my question is: Where is the little switch that brings me to supporting the correct C++ standard?

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