[Qt-creator] Remote debugging - Compiler set

Vidhya Arun svidhyapria at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 12:07:22 CEST 2020

Hello Qt experts,

 I had developed a remote debugging plugin for Qt creator version 4.7

Now Im trying to port the same plugin to the latest version of Qt creator
4.12 and I find most of the interfaces obsolete.

I ended up modifying most of them with success but stuck with setting the
compiler C/C++ as highlighted below

Ideally, I want the compilers to be set for x86 remote debugging as

C: GCC( C, x86 64bit in /usr/bin)

 C++: GCC(C++,X86. 64 bit in /usr/bin )

And below values for remote arm machines

C: GCC(C, arm 32 bit in /usr/bin)

C++: GCC(C++, arm 32 bit in /usr/bin)

In the above screenshot, I have manually changed the C++ compiler to the
expected output.

A similar value is expected to be updated automatically for both C and C++

Below is the code used which worked fine with earlier versions:

// for C compiler

ToolChain *tc = new


ProjectExplorer::ToolChainKitAspect::setToolChain(k, tc);

 // for C++ compiler

ToolChain *tcc = new


ProjectExplorer::ToolChainKitAspect::setToolChain(k, tcc);

Can someone please guide here on the proper interfaces to be used ?


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