[Qt-creator] copy&paste in QtDesigner changes widget order/visibility

Jakob Lettenbichler jakob.lettenbichler at artech.at
Fri Apr 9 11:00:49 CEST 2021


I am having fun with an interesting detail that is happening when copying a set of widgets in the QtDesigner and paste it there.
If the widget names do not match the widget order by happenstance (i.e adding a button named zButton, then add another widget that partially obscures the zButton with name fancyWidget, then copy&paste will trigger that fancyWidget will be below zButton), pasting them will destroy the z-order by sorting the copies by name.
This effect is not visible when putting all the widgets in a parent widget and copying that one (including all children) instead.
I tried to tackle this by writing a plugin that intersects copy&paste (our users complain about that and do not accept the inconvenience of using a parent widget), but I seem to be not competent enough to handle it myself (i.e. QClipboard does not help there, since it solely reacts to the copy call, but not to the paste step).

Are there any ideas on your side, or even the interest of “fixing” (so not sorting by name, if not as standard behavior, but at least as an option) this in the actual QtDesigner?
We are using QtCreator 4.4.1 at the moment (we have over 20 Plugins and changing interfaces prevent us from upgrading to newer QtCreatorversions frequently) using qt5.9 (newest QtCreator version supporting qt5.9 is QtCreator 4.9 I think), so if that happens to be something that has been tackled already, please tell me so, so I can argue for a newer QtCreator version when talking with my superiors.

Many thanks in advance,


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