[Qt-creator] HowTo get rid of QNetworkConfigurationManager-is-deprecated-warnings

ekke ekke at ekkes-corner.org
Wed Jun 16 22:24:21 CEST 2021

Am 16.06.21 um 20:36 schrieb Giuseppe D'Angelo via Qt-creator:
> Hi,
> On 16/06/2021 19:09, ekke wrote:
>> Of course I would like to get all other deprecation warnings to fix 
>> them, but for QNCM and network accessibility there is no way to fix 
>> them because the new QNetworkInformation class doesn’t exist in 5.15.
>> Found https://www.kdab.com/un-deprecate-qt-project/ 
>> <https://www.kdab.com/un-deprecate-qt-project/>
>> It seems we have many ways to deprecate, but not to undeprecate a 
>> specific one ? I’m looking for something similar to Q_UNUSED() to get 
>> rid of a -Wunused-parameter warning
> Just a random note: that blog post of mine is a bit outdated. A few 
> things have been changed in Qt's deprecation mechanisms in the meanwhile
> (warnings have been made versioned, deprecation warnings are enabled 
> by default, and so on).
> Anyway: there's unfortunately no solution to your issue except for 
> disabling deprecating warnings altogether. 


thanks explaining and your work on patches.

How can I disable deprecation warnings altogether ?

A workaround could be to disable them and only from time to time enable 
and check if there are deprecations to fix.

I'm waiting for 6.2 before trying to port my mobile apps - and porting 
would also take some time, so I have to deal with this for some months.



> For the record, I did propose to have special deprecation markers 
> (special in the sense that you could enable/disable them independently 
> from the other deprecation warnings) in Qt 5.15 for:
> 1) APIs that are deprecated in Qt 5 but without a replacement in Qt 5 
> itself (but eventually only in Qt 6), like indeed QNCM (AFAICT), so 
> for which having a warning is "useless" as there's nothing one can do 
> about it;
> 2) APIs that exist in Qt 5.15.x only to ease the transition towards Qt 
> 6, i.e. are only meant to be used during a port, and absolutely not 
> for "ordinary" development (like a lot of QStringView-related 
> functionality in 5.15 which has been implemented by doing 
> view.toString().foo(), i.e. throwing QStringView advantages out of the 
> window).
> The patches unfortunately were not merged before 5.15 was made closed 
> source, so I gave up. You can find them in the relation chain here.
> https://codereview.qt-project.org/c/qt/qtbase/+/324103/3
> My 2 c,
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