[Qt-creator] JSON project wizard - generating with Scanner

Christian Kandeler christian.kandeler at qt.io
Tue Sep 14 10:17:06 CEST 2021

On 9/1/21 5:11 PM, Marco Piccolino wrote:
> Hello, I'd like to add a whole subdirectory called "usecases" to a QC 
> "project" JSON wizard template.
> The subdirectory is present in the local template folder, directly 
> contained in the one that has wizard.json.
> I tried to add this right after the "Files" generator (with and 
> without the "binaryPattern" line):
> {
>                "typeId": "Scanner",
>                "data": {
>                        "binaryPattern":".+",
>                        "subdirectoryPatterns": ["^usecases$"]
>                }
>  }
> but nothing gets copied over, nor mentioned in the Summary page before 
> project creation.
> The "Files" sections works all right instead.
> Qt Creator 4.14.1 on Windows 10.
> Am I missing anything?

I don't see anything in the documentation 
that would suggests that a Scanner generator is supposed to copy files. 
Its purpose appears to be picking up existing files from a given 
location, i.e. they already need to be in the target path.


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