[Qt-creator] QT creator 9.0.0 help needed

Christian Stenger Christian.Stenger at qt.io
Fri Dec 2 09:50:41 CET 2022

Hi Aleksei,

Language change: Edit > Preferences > Environment > Interface > change Language from System Language to English
(you may also use the -language parameter to start, but this is not a permanent setting)

Edit "tab" is basically the Edit view (views are listed on left side the big icons (Welcome, Edit, Design, Projects, Help)
reachable also by using Ctrl+2 (or similar on macOS using Cmd)


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Subject: [Qt-creator] QT creator 9.0.0 help needed

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I need help with using QT creator 9.0.0. First of all, let me know how to change the language of IDE from russian to English. And second, where can I find "Edit" tab in this IDE? I can't find it.

    For example, this tutorial recommends to use "Edit" tab:

    Literally: "Select Edit > Preferences > Kits > Qt Versions > Add."

    All internet tutorials are written in English, and they include "Edit" tab. Since I can't find it, and language is different, russian, it is sometimes impossible to work . Please help.

    Aleksei kuznetsov

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