[Qt-creator] Android Multi-Abi kits for Qt 6.3

Raphael Cotty raphael.cotty at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 09:34:15 CET 2022

Multi-abi package for Android works with Qt 5.14/5 because Qt 5.14/5 is
So a QtC kit has only one Qt version (single or multi-abi).
Since Qt 6, android abis are split. No more multi-abi version.
With Qt 6.3, the android_deploy tool will be able to deal with multiple Qt
So the QtC kit should be able to have multiple Qt versions (Android Qt 6.3
Clang x86, Android Qt 6.3 Clang x86_64...).
Is it a feature planned or will that feature be implemented in a different
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