[Qt-creator] Using own git server (https self signed)

Petric Frank pfrank at gmx.de
Mon Jul 25 13:06:10 CEST 2022


for testing i set up a gitea server on a local machine. The webserver part
uses a self signed certificate.

When importing a repository i got the message (translated from german):
------------------------ cut -----------------------
Cloning to 'test'...
fatal: could not access 'https://192.168.xxx.xxx/user/test.git/': SSL
certificate problem: self signed certificate
------------------------ cut -----------------------

Due the git server is behind a proxy server (internal) i can not use lets-
encrypt certs (port 80 will not be exported to the internet).

As a workaround i have placed the cert into my local cert store.

Is there a way to disable the cert check for this project ?

Both systems are Linux located in the same subnet.
Qt-Creator version is 4.15.1

kind regards

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