[Qt-creator] clangd + qtc vs clangd + any editor

Knut Petter Svendsen knutpett+qtcreator at pvv.org
Thu Feb 23 06:29:15 CET 2023

I often get asked by my coworkers why I use qtcreator for general C++
development (non-Qt) when you can use clangd with "any" editor and get
code completion, navigation, refactoring etc. Often they mention vscode
and/or vim.

Assuming that you have a build system in place that can generate a
compile_commands.json file, which advantages does QtCreator give? (non-Qt

I do have a personal preference for QtCreator, but I would greatly
appreciate it if you could provide me with some insight on the matter.

Knut Petter Svendsen

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