[Qtce-preview-feedback] Failure to build executables for Windows CE 5.0 / Qt-WinCE-preview-4.4.0

Maurice Kalinowski mkalinow at trolltech.com
Mon Mar 10 08:34:08 CET 2008

Maik Friedmann wrote:
> Again Hi,
> I have mistakes in running the QtVerify application Maurice sent.
> I tested again and see that the error occurs when loading the QtGuid4.dll.
> Load module: oleaut32.dll
> ERROR: function @ Ordinal 724 missing in Module 'coredll.dll'
> !!! Please Check your SYSGEN variable !!!
> QtGuid4.dll : Could not be loaded
> Unload module: ole32.dll
Thank you very much, as that helps us a lot.

Windows CE by default compiles in complete cursor support. Unfortunately 
it is not guaranteed that the device has a cursor and thus supports this 
API. We have recognized similar issues when trying to compile for the 
Standard SDK and execute the application on a Windows Mobile device 
(which doesn't have a cursor for instance).

So, the solution for this is, to specify "-D QT_NO_CURSOR=1" in the 
configure line. This will disable the cursor support and your 
application should successfully start on your device.
Btw. this does not influence mouse press/release events or such. It's 
only used for displaying the cursors.

Best Regards,

Maurice Kalinowski

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