[QtonPi] Allocation of boards: status

Quim Gil quim.gil at nokia.com
Thu Feb 23 03:21:05 CET 2012

Hi, as for today we have

- 310 developers accepted at 

from which

- 219 have sent me their data and

- 91 haven't, which means that we can't allocate them a board...

This is a lesson for the future, and now I would have gone through a 
form-based submission process... but in the meantime we need to solve 
the situation now.

Anyway, tomorrow I will try to complete the following:

- Send the Raspberry Pi voucher codes to the 219 developers that sent 
their contact email. First time I do this with a spreadsheet - wish me 
luck. From that point you will be only waiting for the RPi Foundation to 
open the shop and start accepting orders.

- Go through the remaining candidates and try to get 50 or more accepted 
- if not tomorrow then over the weekend. I have an _exciting_ flight San 
Francisco - Barcelona with 2 scales, and a laptop with good battery 

Hopefully this will generate (with your help) good buzz reaching to 
those accepted & missing.

PS: In any case I want to have all our boards assigned to a real name 
and email address within a week after Raspberry Pi's sales start - two 
at most.


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