[Qtwebengine] new QML window API

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at digia.com
Wed Jan 22 15:04:15 CET 2014

On Friday 3. January 2014 11.43.07 Simon Hausmann wrote:

Finally this idea didn't pan out because the component hierarchy wouldn't
support this if the webview component was inside a loader but declared
elsewhere, as pointed out by Jocelyn.

So after a brief discussion with Jens and Gabriel I'd now also like to
request (partial) membership in the party that advocates the imperative
API ;-).

Summary of suggestion by code:

TabView {
    id: tabView

    Component {
        id: webViewComponent
        WebView {
            newWebViewComponent: webViewComponent

            // invisible "view" parameter, the newly created view that has no visual parent
            onViewCreated: {
                if (view.url == "http://i-want-to-block-this.com/") {
                    view.parent = null; // Not needed, but more readable that way. The calling webview will delete a view again if it has no visual parent after signal emission
                if (wantItInAWindow) {
                    ... add it to a window
                } else {
                    tabView.addTab(view); // They'll add support for item based insertion to controls :)

An alternative to "magic" rejection on the signal handler for implementing popup blocking for example would be
the use of an attached property perhaps:

   onViewCreated: {
       if (view.url = "bad") {
           WebView.rejectView = true;

Or perhaps this should be consistent with events?

    onViewCreated: {
        if (view.url == "bad") {
            view.accept = false; (or reject = true or both?)

Thoughts? :)


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