[Qtwebengine] WebRTC camera and mic access

Fabian Bernhard fbernhard at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 17:30:37 CET 2014

Dear list,

Is there a quick and dirty way to automatically grant access to the camera
and the mic?

In an earlier question on this list Pierre has suggested the following


I have applied the patch manually but failed to compile the result, due to
errors such as the one below.

In file included from ../../src/core/content_browser_client_qt.cpp:42:
[...]/qtwebengine/src/core/content_browser_client_qt.h:84:43: error:
'GetMediaRequestContextForRenderProcess' marked 'override' but does not
override any member functions
    virtual net::URLRequestContextGetter*
GetMediaRequestContextForRenderProcess(int renderer_child_id)

URLRequestContextGetter is indeed not defined in the chromium source code,
afaik. I am not familiar at all with the chromium source code and very new
to QT though.

I am not writing a full blown web browser, just a small program that opens
one website only. I can safely grant automatic access to the devices
without user interaction because thats what the user anyway expects in my

Thank you and regards,

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