[Qtwebengine] geo location

Allan Sandfeld Jensen allan.jensen at theqtcompany.com
Tue Dec 29 10:13:16 CET 2015

On Tuesday 29 December 2015, Anand Nekkunti wrote:
> Hi All
>  we are developing application in html5 which is in running chromium web
> browser in Linux .. we planning use qtwebengine to develop browser ... we
> have installed qtwebengine (webengine_5.4.1) and implemented web browser by
> referring examples. Everything is working fine except html5 geo location.
> 1.why qtwebengine is not getting gps co-ordinates from gpsd (we have gps
> modem and gpsd running).
> 2. is there any way to configure qtwebengine to tell use gpsd for geo
> location.
QtWebEngine should get the coordinates from QtPositioning which uses geoclue 
or gypsy, so you might need to install geoclue and its gpsd backend.
I assume you have already connected the permission request, since you also 
need to grant permission before geolocations are read.


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