[Qtwebengine] Controlling the default language of QtWeb

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Mon May 11 23:13:36 CEST 2015


* CJ Ess <zxcvbn4038 at gmail.com> [2015-05-11 16:59:49 -0400]:
> What is the best way to control the default language of the browser?

This list is intended for the development of QtWebEngine - there's
QtWebKit and QtWebEngine, and no "QtWeb" (not from the Qt project at

QtWebEngine is a rather new project based on Chromium. I think you're
talking about QtWebKit, where the more appropriate list would be:


Note that list is mainly intended for development *of* QtWebKit, not

> Working with a downstream project, PhantomJS, their best solution seems to
> be overwriting the accept-langage headers with the language desired -
> however that refers to an old version of Phantom using an old version of
> QtWeb, and doesn't address javascript, storage engine, and other components
> that seem to be language aware.

I don't know of any other project doing more than sending
Accept-Language - what about JS/storage is language-aware?


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