[Qtwebengine] Possible bug in touch event coordinates in QtWebEngine when using pixelDeviceRatio

Christophe Chapuis chris.chapuis at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 14:25:26 CEST 2015

Hello folks,

First, I'm sorry I didn't see that this specific mailing list for
QtWebEngine existed; that's why I first posted my message on development
ML. I will from now on stick to the qtwebengine ML.

I am currently working towards using QtWebEngine for our project (LuneOS),
and I stumbled upon an issue. I am using the experimental devicePixelRatio
property in the QML WebEngineView component, so that our html page is
displayed nicely on mobile device with high DPI.

However, I remarked that when using devicePixelRatio, only a part of the
webpage was responding to touch events on device. Therefore I suspected an
issue in the conversion of touch event coordinates, and found out that
touch events don't seem to be mapped to web coordinates using dpiScale.

I did this modification, and now it seems to be working fine:

Do you agree with this modification ? How could I push that upstream ?

Christophe Chapuis
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