[Qtwebengine] Windows authentication not working with QtWebEngine

Lutfi Dwedari lutfi.dwedari at pds.nl
Wed Aug 10 00:26:07 CEST 2016


I've posted this message in the QT forum but I've been suggested to post this here instead.

I've built the WebEngineWidgets Browser example. It is working for HTTP and HTTPS.
But if I try to access a page that requires windows authentication it asks to enter user name and password instead of picking the logged in credentials. With WebKit the windows credentials were picked without having to configure anything at all.
Serching the internet I've not been able to find any example that solves this.
My guess is that the authenticationRequest should not emit, but it does.
I need the authentication to work with Kerberos/Negotiate.

Any ideas on how to make QtWebEngine work with windows credentials?


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