[Qtwebengine] where is QtWebengine looking for ICU resources?

Tassilo Glander tgl at ivu.de
Wed Aug 17 14:06:55 CEST 2016

To answer my question: It seems to use a hardcoded list of locations and finally looks in the prefix directory set in the qt.conf file that lies next to the executable, if present, e.g. 

Apparently the QTDIR environment variable is not part of this list, which I thought was a way of specifying the location. Would it be sensible to add it to the search list? Is there a third option (apart from adding the qt.conf file or the resources directory )?


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> Hi,
> I want to check in a prebuilt version of Qt into our repository so my colleagues
> can use it. The problem is, that on startup QtWebengine searches for ICU
> resource files in the application directory. As we probably have multiple
> applications, I would prefer to not always copy the resources and translations
> directories to each application directory.
> Is there a way to give a specific path where to look for those directories
> (environment variable, hard coded)? How is it working when I install the official
> build, in this case the resources and translations are just parallel to the bin
> directory.
> BTW, I did not configure QT regarding ICU, I assume the default is to build and
> use the ICU version that comes with Chromium.
> Thanks,
> Tassilo
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